27 March 2010 @ 11:28 pm

I am so excited for this movie :D
I thought:
  • WHOAH, France totally working the pink :D Poland would be proud.
  • Russia looking pretty good in his khaki!
  • Japan looking like a pilot/ship captain.
  • America looking waaaaaay to serious than he should.
  • Germany and Italy being themselves.
  • China looking like Kanjani8's Ryo in Eito Renjaa costume.

and England...
... Why do you look like someone who works at the autoshop? The least Himaruya could have done for you was give you long sleeves ;__;

I have yet to even listen to my already downloaded Prussia and Austria Maru Kaite Chikyuu-s, and Himaruya is announcing that Sealand is going to get his own MKC. WHAT IS THIS? Not that I don't love Sea-kun, but when do I get my Romano or my Spain or my Canada or my Nordic States, Himaruya? AND out of all the nation-tans, you choose Sealand next?

To anyone who watches Durarara!!, I had no idea that Kida was voiced by Miyano Mamoru, aka, Suoh Tamaki in Ouran :D This makes a TONNE of sense now. Like how America in APH and Komui Lee in DGM have the same seiyuus too :D 

Meanwhile, I am downloading Matsushita Yuya's discography. He's the guy that sand "trust me", the ending theme to DRRR!! Which I kind of love. Though I love Futari more, but Futari reminds me SO MUCH of Yamapi's Loveless.
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