21 April 2010 @ 06:50 pm
Have not had much time to post about anything, but here I am today after a lot of hectic days in the past week.

As of today, being Wednesday, I have successfully completed:
  1. 77 pages of English grammar exercises. I feel smart(er). Do YOU know what a GERUND is?
  2. 2 essays, 1 English and 1 Malay.
  3. 6 Malay Literature and Grammar exercises.
  4. Studied for my Bio monthly test.
  5. Sat for my Bio monthly test. Did, hopefully, quite well :D
  6. Practice for concert.
  7. Sleep early (10.30pm/11.00pm). This is an amazing feat that has not happened for the past two years or something.
Unofficial 8# - Rewatch the anniversary tour dvd on iPod.

Meanwhile, our lead actor in the play has quit. I am upset because he was awesome, had a terrific voice and pretty smooth moves (perfect for a gentlemanly role). Now his understudy has taken over and I DO NOT LIKE HIM + He can't really act well. It's like making do with a cat that has to become a LION and being forced to discard the lioncub you already HAD.

I would like to leave you all with a very nice video/contemporary performance. My school performed their own version of this for Easter Celebration. Our "Jesus" actually wore a big, flowy robe though. I'm not particularly religious (I'm Catholic), but this really made me cry. I hope it manages to touch you too. It really is something beautiful and I felt more than a bit sickened on the day when people were laughing about it.


Meanwhile, I would like to ask if anyone knows a free, good quality and downloadable software for screencapping videos. I used to have one that could take indivisual captions or 10 in one row (perfect for making .gifs) but I forgot what it was called and lost in in my old harddisk. Help me out here, f-list? :D

ALSO, does anyone have a .gif of THE NINO DANCE? I want one pretty badly :D

(discovered after watching it for the 4th time)
Nino's guitar strap in Kotoba Yori mo Taisetsu na Mono is RAINBOW STRIPED.
Current Mood: touched
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