17 June 2010 @ 01:16 pm

Dear Nino,

I love you lots and lots, thank you for being continuously YOU since the time I got into fandom and forever.

I believe that you still look as young as seventeen, so instead of wishing you happy twenty-seventh birthday, happy tenth celebration of your seventeenth birthday :D

I would post more and include a gigantic picture of you here somewhere but my computer has BSOD-ed and will be forever in my memories ;w;

<3 Sammm.

P/S: I'm here typing out my first post using my new baby iTouch. So this is in honour of Nino's birthday and my first post anywhere using my new iPod. Also, I have decided to call it YatterPod/YaTOUCH! :) Because it has a red silicone cover and I failed a lot of times tryig to get the protective cover off. /fails/

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