28 February 2010 @ 01:29 am
glajslajslkj!!!! TROUBLEMAKER FULL PV hgkhasakshahs ??! ♥ I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW.

Meanwhile, I'm going to flail some about Poland and Lithuania/Feliks and Toris from Axis Powers Hetalia.

Poland/Lithuania is my new APH OTP ♥ and Thoughts about Russia. )

I'm so absorbed!


edit; fhajsjlakjs!? MOU IPPO *________* ilu arashi srsly.
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25 February 2010 @ 12:12 am
After a grueling 11 hours of school (an extra 2 due to clubs), 3 and a half hours of homework and assignments, work I needed to do for Leo, one cup of strawberry yogurt, a bottle of pineapple vitagen and a lot of lactobascillus acidophilus later - I am exhausted.

But I am also euphoric, because I downloaded the short version of Troublemaker PV and made myself WORK all these hours for it, and it makes me so happy I could cry. Sure I watched it yesterday, but on a computer with ZERO audio software. It was well worth the wait. I'm high on the song and the PV and the BOYS. I've missed you, Arashi. You guys make me so happy

Meanwhile, I love Sato Takeru and Miura Haruma like they OBVIOUSLY ♥love♥ EACH OTHER:

Junon: Over the past year, have you guys made any discoveries about each other?

Haruma: We went to New York together. We stayed there for five nights; seven days. It was the first time we’d spent such a long period of time together. We stayed in the same room, too, so where we slept was the same and where we took a bath was the same. From the time we woke up until the time we fell asleep, we were together. I mean we ended up having conversations like, “Tomorrow I’m gonna get up before you.” Everything felt fresh and new. I felt like I began to understand Takeru more than I had before. Like “Ahh, he’s that kind of person, then.” Ah, I’ll bet that went both ways. Like we went to the Broadway show “Billy Elliot” and when we talked about the show afterwards, I was thinking “Takeru was thinking about that kind of stuff.” “He’s a sensitive guy.” “He’s better at expressing how he feels than I am.” Stuff like that. It was like that.

Takeru: I thought, “Wow Haruma’s really family-oriented.” When I went over to his house to hang out, he peeled a pear for me. Don’t you think that’s something guys are becoming less and less able to do anymore? Well, not that they can’t peel a pear; more like I think guys just don’t do that kind of stuff anymore.

Haruma: I wanted to pressure you into eating it (laughs)

GET MARRIED ALREADY. I want the DVD of your New York trip SO BADL Y RIGHT NOW. ♥♥♥
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15 February 2010 @ 02:35 am
Just the kind of friend.

"Hey , Sam! Fellow third place Duet Actor! Happy CNY! It's
just too long to type Chinese New Year so I just wrote CNY
instead of Chinese New Year, which I already wrote twice.
Lol. So, yeah, happy Chinese New Year. Oh, third time  :)"
This was what I woke up to this morning. Just. Wow. Okay. I love this guy. This guy has been one of my ULTIMATE friend for the past FIVE YEARS and idk, ilhsm <3 We've been partners in crime in SO MANY THINGS for SO LONG, I am glad to have you, Yagster/Lady Yaga! m(_ _)m

Meanwhile, I was watching Arashi's Yurase, Ima wo + troublemaker perf on the Music Station 1000 SP and I just want to write a gigantic love post about all my fandoms. Especially about JE. I'd probably just write an amazing amount of CRAP but I want to do this SO BADLY. I need to pour my feelings out in a way that I can sort of (but not really) keep account for about JE, which kinda plays a pretty big part in my daily dose of happy. I'd probably categorize it by group then by member or whatever and continue to add on to it whenever I feel like expressing my extreme love for fandom <3
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13 February 2010 @ 01:24 pm
So it' s Chinese New Year's Eve and I'm watching Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge while there are about 20+ of my extended family downstairs.

I'm on Episode 4 and I AM SO AMUSED that the cafe guy is wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt and Immigrant Song is playing in the background :D I'm even more amazed that I KNOW THIS SHIT when it's about half a century before my time :3

ALSO. Totally a sucker for this:


Especially 3 Ohno-s :DDDD

11 February 2010 @ 02:58 pm
Okay, so. School officially ends in twenty minutes for me.

And yet I'm here blogging. Why?

I'm sick. :( My sore throat is so bad eating anything with a consistency that's thicker than cream soup hurts a lot. This saddens me quite a bit. On a normal day I wouldn't care as much, since being sick gets me out of school, but Lunar/Chinese New Year starts (unofficially, for me) TOMORROW. My whole entire extended family is coming over and I have to clean and whatnot and clear out of my room since my uncles and fams will be... Invading =.=

Also, I still have homework unfinished. Stupid essays and Add Math. Not to mention another day of school tomorrow, even if it is just a half day.

*rolls around in sadness* For the moment I'm just gonna watch a few episodes of Glee or Bloody Monday 1 (AHAHHA. Season two has started and I still haven't finished this.) before starting on whatever I need to do.

Anyway. To everyone on my flist celebrating Lunar/Chinese New Year, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, PEOPLE!
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31 January 2010 @ 12:16 am
So yeah, I was saying how I liked the sound of Love Yourself the other day, but...

I know it's not JUST me when I say that this reminds me of BIGBANG. Seriously. A LOT. I mean, it's really similar to BB's style.

It's a pretty catchy song though, and I have to say I find Junno SMOULDERING here, serioussslyyyy.

I have a thing for that hair-colour hgjajsjalkjs ��

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25 January 2010 @ 08:55 pm




트랙스 ▪ 가슴이 차가운 남자 (EP)
release date: 2010.01.25

I cannot tell you how happy I AM RIGHT NOW.

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25 January 2010 @ 07:22 pm
First of all,

I crocheted this yummy cake-box thing for you and sliced my finger
in the process when using a blade. ;w; I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT :D

I love you lots and lots for taking care of me for all the years I've lived. Thank you for the joy and the laughter, for the tickles and the madness, for the singing Bohemian Rhapsody whenever and wherever, for the sacrifices, for the great food I eat almost every night, for going shoe shopping with me and generally being MY MUM. ♥ ILU VERY MUCH.

And someone else ? :D

HBD SHO-CHAN :D Have a mini picspam. :b )
... some Trending Topics on Twitter than made me happy :D )

for anyone who wants to know this is my twitter acc: mayhemagenta :D
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21 January 2010 @ 10:41 pm
I'd like to blog quite a bit about things I've learnt about myself and some others in the past few days, but I'm TIRED, and I need to memorize my duet acting script by tomorrow's Lidra Club (Literature, Debating and Drama Club :Db) meeting or Moses will have my head. =.= Official competition date is the 4th, 5th and 6th of February, HOHOHO. TWO WEEKS IS ALL I GOT TO GET MY STUFF MEMMED. D:
But I WILL blog later. Maybe. After I've gone through my script again.
Now I needa remind myself to get the club registry from the office tomorrow D:
21 January 2010 @ 12:32 am

fhakshjkahs I wanted to watch it for ages over last December, and I put it off and put it off until TODAY when it finally premiered on stupid TV in my country.

;_______; I like it SO MUCH. fhkahsk TWO CHANNELS. One with Glee on it and one with The Killers Ireland Concert on MTV's "I Love Live" ahnfhalshaklhsjahs I CHOSE GLEE, HOHO GOOD CHOICE. Then right after EPISODE ONE finished and left me to PINE for next Wednesday, I downloaded both soundtracks D: BYE HARDDISK, BYEE!



Meanwhile, downloading Odoroki Special :D SO HAPPY! And as for my Hetalia Ice Cream, alongside the Allied Forces, am drawing Axis Powers Banana Split :p Cuteness overload. AND SPEAKING OF HETALIA, my darling darling best friend Rowmon is drawing me USUK and hasjajk Bad Friends Trio o___________O I AM SUCH A HAPPY PERSON :)
19 January 2010 @ 11:49 pm

I'm shit tired. D: This is due to having Leo Board meeting after school until 4.30 then rushing home to shower and change before going for my new Add Maths tuition from 5.30-7.00. DDDD: But apart from general "I want to roll on the floor and die" tiredness, my new AddMaths tuition teacher is pretty funny. And REALLY REALLY happy. >.>

Seriously, he's just all up and about and IDK, it's like he exhales rainbows or something because he's SO happy and eager to teach a bunch of teens to LIKE a subject they all obviously HATE. But I guess he lives up to his name, Sonny. BUT I SHALL CALL HIM SUNNY BECAUSE HE'S LIKE, BURSTING WITH HAPPY.

But although he is constantly happy, I AM SO TIRED. Now I have TWO different tuition classes for Add Maths. This makes me sadface. :<

Bits about APH and spazzing about Sho's An-An shoot :D )

Tomorrow after meeting I shall watch Yamanade and possibly Tokujo Kabachi and be SHIT happy :D
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10 January 2010 @ 11:54 am
100% Stolen from aramatheydidnt :D

You Know You've Been In Japan Too Long When...

You read posts like this and love it for LIFE. ♥ )

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10 January 2010 @ 03:18 am
No really, I think that the week has been pretty hectic, and IT STILL IS, considering I really have to get my script for the SEA Forensics competition ready. Taking part in Duet Acting again this year, and I feel kinda o____O because the script has not been found by either me or my partner, and we're basically screwed for the moment if we don't get the script found/edited/ready by Monday. Latest by Friday lajsljalksj first Drama Club meet of the year. I feel pain.

Other than that, BLAH ENGLISH ORAL. Who knows any interesting and or strange customs and traditions I can talk about in a dialogue for my English class? D: Due Tuesday, haha, FAIL.

That aside, I'm happy!-ish. Still panicking about the script, but hopefully a trip to Kinokuniya tomorrow will help me bundles. Or I can just die when my teacher asks for it and shuns me forever D: ANYWAY. HAPPY. The Last Promise has been out for... I don't know, a few hours and I FEEL THE ANTICIPATION! Saigo no Yakusoku news online and rips of Sora Takaku makes me feel like watching Pikanchi and Pikanchi DOUBLE all over again. I'm a sucker for these boys, can't help it.

CUT for Youtube Vids of song Rips! )
... and some KFandom :D )

Meanwhile I've ruined Merlin S2 for myself. Rruined it. It's not that I've watched like, from the middle of the second season or anything, in fact, I;m waiting til I have time to actually watch online or download the whole second season, but WHAT DO I DO? I fail and I get to see ARTHUR and GWEN smooches. Ew ew ew. I know it's correct according to the true story, but really, just. JUST EWW. I DON'T SHIP THIS. I fail by going to fandomsecrets and end up seeing spoilers. Which was so baddddd. And just. SADFACE.
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22 December 2009 @ 01:47 am
It's been a while since I've been posting to LJ, and I feel kinda bad about it, because I really am neglecting this blog. :/ My new New Year's resolution will be to manage this blog and remember to update regularly.

This week has been hectic. 14th-15th were less busy, but full of people to celebrate my brother's and my own birthday, so, was good.

The rest of the week was rushed to prepare for Comic Fiesta '09. )

I realized I'm very very distanced from my otaku-ism. And this made me quite sad because I love this bit of Japanese culture a LOT. And it was the thing that got me generally interested in Japan in the first thing, from the very first episode of Rurouni Kenshin that showed on TV who knows how long ago. ALSO, at CF09 this year, the first day was spent by me and my friends just wandering and buying LOVELY prints by some of the more famous artists of my country (many that I followed when I used to keep up with deviantART regularly) but generally not buying MUCH. But there was such GREAT fanart and stuff that people were selling and displaying, especially from K-ON and APH/Axis Powers Hetalia, I felt so LEFT OUT OF THE LOOP. So, what did I do?

Read more... )

not to mention, it satisfies my bl/yaoi fangirly needs.

The next day of CF was A LOT better because I could see the amazingness that was Hetalia everywhere. And proceeded to get very broke by buying prints, badges/buttons, postcards, a notebook and a US/UK calendar. All of which are related to Hetalia =.=''. And very America biased, because I love him A LOT. :D A LOOOT.

I got 2 birthday packages in the mail this week, made me happy :D
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19 November 2009 @ 02:38 pm
Hi there.

So, I'm sick.

And have been (sorta) since the weekend, but confirmed on Monday. After my club trip to Sunway Lagoon Water Park. Which, most likely, did me in and startedthe sniffles and the fever.

But, if anything, I'm catching up on lost sleep! Yes I am. :) In the last 3 days alone, that's 62 hours btw, I think (and have roughly roughly calculated) that I've slept half my life away. 16 straight through with small 10 minute intervals every now and then from Monday night to Tuesday morning. Then Tuesday night I'd say 6 hours. Yesterday I did go to school for half a day but then I felt so baddd I got my mum to fetch me home early. Then I proceeded to sleep from 1pm to 7pm *___* Which is a LOT. So, another 6 hours there. Then last night I'd say about... 7 hours. So that's. About 37 hours.

... WOW. SERIOUSLY. I think that's sometimes more than I sleep in an ENTIRE WEEK.

Still needa go for the last day of school tomorrow to pick up my stuff, next years books, and YT, if she's coming over.
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15 November 2009 @ 11:17 pm
Dear Lydia,

You were completely right to tell me to not worry so much about the girl I hosted. Her name is Moeko, and the last I saw her was about 4 hours ago. I cried my eyes out when she had to leave, but hey. So did she! Okay, so I was sorta nervous when I first met her, because idk, duh, it was awkward la. But then, omgg. One of the first things she said was "profile" and I was like "eh?", then she said "eto.. A.. Arashi fan?". PHOOM. I was like, HERE IT COMES, OMG PANIC IN MY HEAD. And theeeeennn she pointed to herself and said "me too, Arashi fan!". I DIED. SHE LOVES SHO.

Queue gigantic hearts and love all around. She loves Mizushima Hiro. I love her!!! She's AMAZING CUTE in the girly cute. CUTE way, and idk, we actually managed to communicate through different ways like like kanji and hand gestures and references to dramas. hjhjksajksjkahs she mentioned ODEN and I was like. "EHH?" Because I remembered it from somewhere, then she said "YAMADA TARO MONOGATARI, NINO COOK?", and I was like OHHH. <3333333 HEARTS. ALL. AROUND. I miss her! But when I go to Japan I'm LUCKY, because she's hosting me, omg looking forward looking forward looking forwarrrdddddd.

I received Wink Up December, A packet of sweets (with animal patterns,
and a sticker saying Dobutsuen!), a Sakura Hair Clip, A Hello Kittyplush slipper hand phone THING, Japanese Pringles and snacks, TV NAVI
November, a million wonderful memories and a new friend. XDDDD

LYDIA I MISS YOU. I should PM you something long and ranty about the whole 3 days of homestay and exchange, BUT THIS SHOULD DO FOR NOW. I LOVE YOU. And yes, after reading your last few posts in one shot, YOU DO HAVE THE BEST WATERMELON IN THE WORLD. I am happy for youuu :D

Dear KK,

I love you lots and lots and lots. And miss you too. I do think sometimes, hey, it'd be great if KK were here. I miss you leh. I should be replying your email, and HECK I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR PROM, but my Japanese guest was here. Will try to email soon! :)

Dear Jes,


ghashghkhskjhaksh YOUR BLOG WHAT.

Okay, have been away from the com for the past... 5 days? ghajhjkahsjk
THE SITE? :D AND HAVE YOU SEEEEEN CHARLIEEEEEE? Please mail me. Or something. Also, I am behind on everything. ESP IRIS OMG.
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11 November 2009 @ 05:34 pm

Days to Japanese Students' Arrival - 2.
Days to me EMCEE-ing for Japanese Students' Arrival - 2 ( DOOOM D: )
Days to clean up room for boarding my hostee - 2. ):

Days to Bible Knowledge Drama Competition - 5 MAKE THAT 2. Thursday, Friday, then my weekend is full of JEXCHANGE STUDENT and then Monday is my trip to the amusement park with Leo.

Days to Social Night - 8
Dress - 50/50 Choice between two. Sequins, or purple?
Shoes - 0
Accesories - tba. New? Old? idk.

Days to Japan Trip - 14 ( TWO WEEKS :D YATTA! )
Days to Practice Performance for Japan Trip - 14 ( OH NOES. DD: )

What to do la.

Be happy about Japan. Be Happy about Japan. BE HAPPY. ABOUT. JAPAN.

Meeting today was hilarious. Seriously. Yay Leos!
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10 November 2009 @ 12:02 am
via email, via email.

Firstly, I AM A COMPLETE AND UTTER RETARD. I kept on going on to myself "Whyy. Why isn't my hostee/Japanese girl whose to come stay at my house contacting meeee?".

I checked my alternate email (my work email, hahaha) today and found out SHE EMAILED ME fhljahdjlahslj.

A week ago.

Imagine the amount of pure FAIL I just experienced, omg. It was in the junk pile and sitting there rotting! D: I'm so, sooo sorry KM-chan. I hope I didn't use very complicated english in my reply, I HOPE SHE CAN UNDERSTAND ME. She likes cooking. I am so doomed. She's allergic to ANIMALS, which I assume means FUR, AND I HAVE TWO DOGS. Bye, puppies, you're getting locked up this weekend, okay?

Secondly, I FEAR THE WORLD. I have not started cleaning my room yet, shitttt. My dad says that she might get allgergies just from getting into the same house as the dogs and fears she'll get hayfever whaaaat.

Thirdly, Social Night is in 2 weeks and I have no dress. Or shoes. Or accesories. Fail.

Fourthly, I really really am not sure as to where to bring KM this Friday.

Fifthly, I am scared of my uber-limited anime/manga/drama learnt and crashcourse friend's tutilage JAPANESE AS FAIL. Which it is.

Okay. Done.

Meanwhile, I love My Girl PV. Alot. A bazillion times over. I think my favourite part is when Jun and Sho are fighting over the room and Nino comes over and puts himself in the smallest place. (AHAHA, I CANNOT IMAGINE THIS HAPPENING, NINO, YOU SCROOGE). But I do not like the tiny TINY bit of random standing and singing in the middle of the PV. It's.. Uncalled for? Unnecessary.

After so much question about the whole "men being herbivorous" controversy and confusion that fans went through in my Korean fandom, the Herbivours have hit Japan. With a HUGE PICTURE of Nino and a puppy. Read the article, peeps.

In the Korean fandom, GD has released an MV of A Boy. I AM ECSTATIC ghlahskakjahdjkh!!! I wanted that and need it badly. Which is why I am still awake and about to sneak to the main com to dl and ipod version. RIGHT NOW.

Also, TOPPY HAS GOTTEN A PUPPY! I have no idea what to say other than GURGLE GURGLE it is SO CUTE. And now Boss and Gaho have a friend to play with! (who looks tremendously girly for such a manly man to keep as a pet.) IT'S NAME IS CHARLIE AHAHAHAHA. I feel that Top could squish it. Heck, I COULD SQUISH IT, it looks so precious! And with Gaho becoming huge and Boss being remotely huge... And their owners being small and tiny awesome, LIFE IS UPSIDE DOWN. Top has soooo turned the tables here.
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30 October 2009 @ 05:41 pm
So, I figure that one easy way I'll be able to cross post my daily
rambles would be via email. Which will help alot, I think, to keep both
my blogger and my lj alive. So, friends on both sides, you might just
see more of me in the future! ;D
27 September 2009 @ 09:32 pm


Click for love rambles and GDYB loving ;D )

Also, this is PURE LOVE. GD's FACE is the best thing in this Commercial, I kid you not. And maybe some cute fluttery Daesung eyes ;D

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