30 August 2010 @ 07:53 pm

Happy Birthday to the ever amazing Matsumoto Jun, also known as Matsufabulous Matsubrows of the Matsumarvellous Matsuface. And body.

(image produced two years ago by yours truly after watching Prof. Matsumoto in the Sakura Sake PV with his shiny white labcoat :D)

Dear Jun-kun,

I thank you so very much because without you, secondary school life for me would have been pretty sad, I think. Thinking back to that faithful time in 2008 (just before the Lunar New Year, if I remember correctly), I actually decided to Google you and download my first piece of Arashi fandomry -- Dream 'A' Live.

But that was not the VERY beginning for us both, oh no. The truth behind my discovery of you and my now eternal love of gay and rainbows lies in a very prominent tv show that has changed their female host unit numerous times since I started watching -- Music Station. I remember I was faithfully waiting for a performance by someone or other, Ken Hirai maybe, when they showed a clip of you in one of the TIME concerts performing Yabai-Yabai-Yabai. And I was in awe. The kind of awe that got me tugging on my brothers' sleeve and going "Loooooook. That's like soooo coooooooo," like the annoying brat my brother still thinks I am (Which I am not, thanks very much).

That performance was the beginning. I didn't even know your name (I'm pretty sure I've called you MatsuMARU Jun before a couple times, which is hilarious, really) until the next time you appeared with the rest of your Rainbow Battalion on MS again. This time to perform Love So Sweet and promote HYD. It was then when I dell on love -- With your perm. Yes. It is true. I fell in love with your perm first. Don't cry for me Matsujun-a~ just know that if I had seen your implants extensions like during Aozora Pedal time I wouldn't be writing this now.

I think it was a good thing that I hated Naked when I first heard it. I tried, really, so HARD to get myself to like it like some of the fangirls do (BECAUSE IDOLS ARE TEH GOD AND CAN DO NO WRONG!), but I couldn't. INSTEAD, I listened to every other track on the album and grew to love all five of your Sparkle Squad's voices as a whole. If I hadn't hated Naked I would have probably kept that one solo and trashed the rest.

Dream 'A' Live was my first step into fandom. Though, technically I watched some of YTM before I knew you or any of your bandmates, back when I hated Nino's hair and thought it looked hideous (NOW LOOK AT ME AND HOW I REACT TO HIM AJFKAHFLAHF). But, Dream 'A' Live was my first official step into LJ! Which is great because of all the great things and people I've found through it. Thanks Jun, you and the Iridescent Crusaders have changed me to become a very happy person.

There have been sad times for me in these last few years, but your group has always been my one thing to fall back on for happiness. And so I thank youu, Matsujun and Arashi for always making my days gayer, mind glittery-er, letting me discover Aiba + Flamethrower, Ni no Arashi, Sho's air muscles, Ohno's amazing choreography, all tge failboats, Rowing Club, Johnny's Sports Day and Countdowns, and basically just the five of you who take up most of my brainspace.

Viva la Diva Matsujun.


Dear Lydia,

I love you a lot a lot alot. You were more or less my first friend in this fandom and basically all of LJ, and I love every single comment and PM and whateer we have exchanged. We have so many things we have in common, from Arashi to living only 4 hours away from each other by car, the fact that we are both Chinese and share the same surname as well. I just want to let you know you make me happeeeeee when skies are greeeeeey. And with your writing and posts and general hilariousness about your life, work, and even husband :B

Happy Birthday, Lydia!

(I am going to comment on every flist post I have not commented on as of lately tonight. Yeah.)

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17 June 2010 @ 01:16 pm

Dear Nino,

I love you lots and lots, thank you for being continuously YOU since the time I got into fandom and forever.

I believe that you still look as young as seventeen, so instead of wishing you happy twenty-seventh birthday, happy tenth celebration of your seventeenth birthday :D

I would post more and include a gigantic picture of you here somewhere but my computer has BSOD-ed and will be forever in my memories ;w;

<3 Sammm.

P/S: I'm here typing out my first post using my new baby iTouch. So this is in honour of Nino's birthday and my first post anywhere using my new iPod. Also, I have decided to call it YatterPod/YaTOUCH! :) Because it has a red silicone cover and I failed a lot of times tryig to get the protective cover off. /fails/

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09 April 2010 @ 11:09 pm
Title stolen from a poem my brother wrote, which was about a cat he met on campus. :D My brother might be 21, but he can still be cute. I miss him. I spent so long on the phone with him last week, our cordless phone ran out of battery D:

I'm exhausted due to school and whatever, but have some stuff I might want to elaborate on and post about when I have more time this weekend:

♦ [Hetalia] Spain's MKC. I saw the word Spain and the first thing I thought if was CHURROS. I'm a bazillion times correct that this is the first food one (or at least Himruya's song producers) would associate with Spain. I feel like eating churros. Mm. There's only ONE churros shop I know of atm, so maybe I can drop by the next time we go to the mall. Also, I love Poland. Have I ever mentioned this? He's one of my favorites.

♦ [NEWS] I want Shige's Troubleman. Now. It starts today. Want want want :D Also, Happy Birthday Yamapi!

♦ [Arashi] ;___; The concert made me cry. I don't remember which song because I watched it 'til 2 in the morning, but I did. Also, SOLO SONGS FTW! I want to write a full spazz report sometime, srsly.

- And Arashi being the gateway to Japan? Japan/Johnny is utilizing their pretty. I watched the News Every report and am glad to say that my Mandarin has not deteriorated to the point that I couldn't make out Aiba's pretty badly mangled "我会把日本的美妙地区同同告诉大家. 让我们在日本相会吧!", which generally means "I will/want to introduce beautiful destinations and places in Japan to all of you. Everyone, let's meet in Japan!".  His pronunciation of "日本" (rì běn, aka Nihon/Japan) is particularly atrocious :D ILU, Aiba ♥ Work haaaaard.

♦ [School] Sports day tomorrow. How boring. Please save me D: I might end up watching 200 Pounds Beauty or Flower Drum Song on my friend's iPod. All I want to do is sleep in and rewatch the concert in bed, but NOOOOO. Also, doubt my house will win. Sadness.

MEANWHILE, today I auditioned for a part in my school's annual concert/stage performance. We're doing Flower Drum Song (Ikr, wtf?). Odd, but true and kind of sad. I really want the part of Mdm Liang though, so I hope I make it :D But the concept of the entire concert doesn't really appeal to me, srsly. Also, both the teachers in charge of casting and "training" (PFFFT) the cast are horrendous and I really don't like them. One of them in particular has made both of my best friends cry. I am NOT amused. I'm glad none of them teach me. Elaboration and a rant to come later.

I feel like listening to Still... :/ Haha. Good night!
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22 December 2009 @ 01:47 am
It's been a while since I've been posting to LJ, and I feel kinda bad about it, because I really am neglecting this blog. :/ My new New Year's resolution will be to manage this blog and remember to update regularly.

This week has been hectic. 14th-15th were less busy, but full of people to celebrate my brother's and my own birthday, so, was good.

The rest of the week was rushed to prepare for Comic Fiesta '09. )

I realized I'm very very distanced from my otaku-ism. And this made me quite sad because I love this bit of Japanese culture a LOT. And it was the thing that got me generally interested in Japan in the first thing, from the very first episode of Rurouni Kenshin that showed on TV who knows how long ago. ALSO, at CF09 this year, the first day was spent by me and my friends just wandering and buying LOVELY prints by some of the more famous artists of my country (many that I followed when I used to keep up with deviantART regularly) but generally not buying MUCH. But there was such GREAT fanart and stuff that people were selling and displaying, especially from K-ON and APH/Axis Powers Hetalia, I felt so LEFT OUT OF THE LOOP. So, what did I do?

Read more... )

not to mention, it satisfies my bl/yaoi fangirly needs.

The next day of CF was A LOT better because I could see the amazingness that was Hetalia everywhere. And proceeded to get very broke by buying prints, badges/buttons, postcards, a notebook and a US/UK calendar. All of which are related to Hetalia =.=''. And very America biased, because I love him A LOT. :D A LOOOT.

I got 2 birthday packages in the mail this week, made me happy :D
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