24 April 2010 @ 11:46 pm
 I miss Japan.

Picspam of pictures I took in Japan. Moderately large images. )
All pictures taken by me, only the first is without a light texture.
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10 January 2010 @ 11:54 am
100% Stolen from aramatheydidnt :D

You Know You've Been In Japan Too Long When...

You read posts like this and love it for LIFE. ♥ )

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15 November 2009 @ 11:17 pm
Dear Lydia,

You were completely right to tell me to not worry so much about the girl I hosted. Her name is Moeko, and the last I saw her was about 4 hours ago. I cried my eyes out when she had to leave, but hey. So did she! Okay, so I was sorta nervous when I first met her, because idk, duh, it was awkward la. But then, omgg. One of the first things she said was "profile" and I was like "eh?", then she said "eto.. A.. Arashi fan?". PHOOM. I was like, HERE IT COMES, OMG PANIC IN MY HEAD. And theeeeennn she pointed to herself and said "me too, Arashi fan!". I DIED. SHE LOVES SHO.

Queue gigantic hearts and love all around. She loves Mizushima Hiro. I love her!!! She's AMAZING CUTE in the girly cute. CUTE way, and idk, we actually managed to communicate through different ways like like kanji and hand gestures and references to dramas. hjhjksajksjkahs she mentioned ODEN and I was like. "EHH?" Because I remembered it from somewhere, then she said "YAMADA TARO MONOGATARI, NINO COOK?", and I was like OHHH. <3333333 HEARTS. ALL. AROUND. I miss her! But when I go to Japan I'm LUCKY, because she's hosting me, omg looking forward looking forward looking forwarrrdddddd.

I received Wink Up December, A packet of sweets (with animal patterns,
and a sticker saying Dobutsuen!), a Sakura Hair Clip, A Hello Kittyplush slipper hand phone THING, Japanese Pringles and snacks, TV NAVI
November, a million wonderful memories and a new friend. XDDDD

LYDIA I MISS YOU. I should PM you something long and ranty about the whole 3 days of homestay and exchange, BUT THIS SHOULD DO FOR NOW. I LOVE YOU. And yes, after reading your last few posts in one shot, YOU DO HAVE THE BEST WATERMELON IN THE WORLD. I am happy for youuu :D

Dear KK,

I love you lots and lots and lots. And miss you too. I do think sometimes, hey, it'd be great if KK were here. I miss you leh. I should be replying your email, and HECK I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR PROM, but my Japanese guest was here. Will try to email soon! :)

Dear Jes,


ghashghkhskjhaksh YOUR BLOG WHAT.

Okay, have been away from the com for the past... 5 days? ghajhjkahsjk
THE SITE? :D AND HAVE YOU SEEEEEN CHARLIEEEEEE? Please mail me. Or something. Also, I am behind on everything. ESP IRIS OMG.
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10 November 2009 @ 12:02 am
via email, via email.

Firstly, I AM A COMPLETE AND UTTER RETARD. I kept on going on to myself "Whyy. Why isn't my hostee/Japanese girl whose to come stay at my house contacting meeee?".

I checked my alternate email (my work email, hahaha) today and found out SHE EMAILED ME fhljahdjlahslj.

A week ago.

Imagine the amount of pure FAIL I just experienced, omg. It was in the junk pile and sitting there rotting! D: I'm so, sooo sorry KM-chan. I hope I didn't use very complicated english in my reply, I HOPE SHE CAN UNDERSTAND ME. She likes cooking. I am so doomed. She's allergic to ANIMALS, which I assume means FUR, AND I HAVE TWO DOGS. Bye, puppies, you're getting locked up this weekend, okay?

Secondly, I FEAR THE WORLD. I have not started cleaning my room yet, shitttt. My dad says that she might get allgergies just from getting into the same house as the dogs and fears she'll get hayfever whaaaat.

Thirdly, Social Night is in 2 weeks and I have no dress. Or shoes. Or accesories. Fail.

Fourthly, I really really am not sure as to where to bring KM this Friday.

Fifthly, I am scared of my uber-limited anime/manga/drama learnt and crashcourse friend's tutilage JAPANESE AS FAIL. Which it is.

Okay. Done.

Meanwhile, I love My Girl PV. Alot. A bazillion times over. I think my favourite part is when Jun and Sho are fighting over the room and Nino comes over and puts himself in the smallest place. (AHAHA, I CANNOT IMAGINE THIS HAPPENING, NINO, YOU SCROOGE). But I do not like the tiny TINY bit of random standing and singing in the middle of the PV. It's.. Uncalled for? Unnecessary.

After so much question about the whole "men being herbivorous" controversy and confusion that fans went through in my Korean fandom, the Herbivours have hit Japan. With a HUGE PICTURE of Nino and a puppy. Read the article, peeps.

In the Korean fandom, GD has released an MV of A Boy. I AM ECSTATIC ghlahskakjahdjkh!!! I wanted that and need it badly. Which is why I am still awake and about to sneak to the main com to dl and ipod version. RIGHT NOW.

Also, TOPPY HAS GOTTEN A PUPPY! I have no idea what to say other than GURGLE GURGLE it is SO CUTE. And now Boss and Gaho have a friend to play with! (who looks tremendously girly for such a manly man to keep as a pet.) IT'S NAME IS CHARLIE AHAHAHAHA. I feel that Top could squish it. Heck, I COULD SQUISH IT, it looks so precious! And with Gaho becoming huge and Boss being remotely huge... And their owners being small and tiny awesome, LIFE IS UPSIDE DOWN. Top has soooo turned the tables here.
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