16 July 2010 @ 12:40 am

Ughh words cannot express how exhausted I am.

Concert Practice, Drama Club, Leo Club and reasons why all I want to do is hibernate for the next year.  )

The other day I had this fantastic dream that I was in Japan again. I looked into the window of a shoplot and realised his guy kept staring and staring at me through the window, so I looked away. Went over to my brother, then an announcement was made in the 'square' where we were, asking for 'the girl in the red jacket to please come to the shoplot immediately'. The announcement was in Japanese but the stuff I've picked up from dramas and amine was enough for me to get it. I was that girl, and I do own the jacket in the dream.

So I went and his woman came out and told me she was a translator for the man I caught staring at me before. Sohe guy started talking and basically, he was like, this producer/director/casting agent for jdramas, and he thought I had a very sincere and honest face that was full if expression, and hat he wanted to cast me in a drama as a leading girl or something. So I was pretty excited and asked what drama, so he said ASHITA NO JOE and I was like, OAO. So I just gasped and nodded and crap because SERIOUSLY? Me, in a drama with Yamapi? LOLS PLEASE. Then he gave me his card and the translator took my number saying they'd call later when things were finalised.

The End.


P/S: I started writing Arashi fanfic. Make that JE fanfic, since its currently Ohno-centric with about two paragraphs of Shige and Junno (WHY, YES I DO LIKE THE WINK UP MESSAGE BOARDS), so yeah. I am tremendously embarrassed by it but at the same time I am exhilarated because I have not written something in AGES, let alone fanfic, so yaaaay. I can't say it's very good, yet I don't think it's bad, per se (MY ENGLISH TEACHER TOLD MY MOTHER I CAN WRITE WELL. But that was on Monday :/), but that might just be me, haha. If I ever want to share it, I'll def need a beta reader though, but who's to say I don't start hating it tomorrow and scrap it completely huh.

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25 February 2010 @ 12:12 am
After a grueling 11 hours of school (an extra 2 due to clubs), 3 and a half hours of homework and assignments, work I needed to do for Leo, one cup of strawberry yogurt, a bottle of pineapple vitagen and a lot of lactobascillus acidophilus later - I am exhausted.

But I am also euphoric, because I downloaded the short version of Troublemaker PV and made myself WORK all these hours for it, and it makes me so happy I could cry. Sure I watched it yesterday, but on a computer with ZERO audio software. It was well worth the wait. I'm high on the song and the PV and the BOYS. I've missed you, Arashi. You guys make me so happy

Meanwhile, I love Sato Takeru and Miura Haruma like they OBVIOUSLY ♥love♥ EACH OTHER:

Junon: Over the past year, have you guys made any discoveries about each other?

Haruma: We went to New York together. We stayed there for five nights; seven days. It was the first time we’d spent such a long period of time together. We stayed in the same room, too, so where we slept was the same and where we took a bath was the same. From the time we woke up until the time we fell asleep, we were together. I mean we ended up having conversations like, “Tomorrow I’m gonna get up before you.” Everything felt fresh and new. I felt like I began to understand Takeru more than I had before. Like “Ahh, he’s that kind of person, then.” Ah, I’ll bet that went both ways. Like we went to the Broadway show “Billy Elliot” and when we talked about the show afterwards, I was thinking “Takeru was thinking about that kind of stuff.” “He’s a sensitive guy.” “He’s better at expressing how he feels than I am.” Stuff like that. It was like that.

Takeru: I thought, “Wow Haruma’s really family-oriented.” When I went over to his house to hang out, he peeled a pear for me. Don’t you think that’s something guys are becoming less and less able to do anymore? Well, not that they can’t peel a pear; more like I think guys just don’t do that kind of stuff anymore.

Haruma: I wanted to pressure you into eating it (laughs)

GET MARRIED ALREADY. I want the DVD of your New York trip SO BADL Y RIGHT NOW. ♥♥♥
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