06 July 2010 @ 01:00 am

Who else is just dying to watch this?

Alsoooo, I managed to snag myself a pair of free tickets to watch Katy Perry, Tokio Hotel and Wonder Girls at MTV WORLD STAGE this end of the month :D got them via giveaways at the website and am super happy because I got them on the first try. :)

30 May 2009 @ 11:09 pm

First time posting! X)

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08 November 2008 @ 03:16 pm
So, Thursday was more or less something like the best day ever.

June, Row, Hui and I went to KLCC to watch Hanadan Final! <333

Oh be still, my beating heart.

Got to KLCC and went to change before collecting tickets from June's mum's nurse in TTMC. Then we went to have lunch at the food court like so:

Row - Lasagne Carbonara
Hui - Waffles.
June - Lasagne Bolognaise
Sam - Pasta Alfredo

Yes, Hui is weird.

After late late lunch we ran off to by ice cream from McD before swiftly running to the park. Where Row and I were watched by little kids as we "surfed" on a bus shakey thing. Took loadsa pics on June's phone, including camwhoring ones and deliberate poses. Row and I CONCORED the DOME! Which was super YAY. After that we went to go sit on the swings, but then the security person came and we cabuted. Pfft.

Went to Kino where we spazzed over manga. And June and I saw ALL, ALL the Otakara Photofiles out for Arashi. Including the newest Photobook which has Ohmiya SK in it. OHOHOHO. <3 Helped Row choose mangas, and June and I found Weekly the Television, TV Pia and FREESTYLE. OH, FREESTYLE. Ohchan was SO ADORABLE IN IT. And all his clay sculptures are lopesided and black. with Ohmiya-ness :D

Pulled away from looking through FREESYLE completely, went to the cinema where the Popcorn counter girl was a freaking *BEEEEEP*. - What do you mean I ordered wrongly? And YOU CAN CANCEL BLOODY RECEIPTS THANKS VERY MUCH, don't assume I'm an idiot - who gave me Diet Coke. DIET COKE. I am insulted. And annoyed. Bu I drank it anyway [with help from June by switching drinks every now and then].
Got to the theater where June and I flailed over everything and Mattsun's sex appeal. :D HO-HO-HO-HO-HAWT. The Truck part in the beginning and middle was HILARIOUS. Then it was Mattsun's Inggurishu that made me laugh my head off.

" Whear ees the neeurust pre-sh to eet?"
Mm, but I won't make fun of that. They made fun of every single "wrong-metaphor" Domyouji line in the whole movie. OH! And Jun wore his trademark Italian ring. The one that comes in silver and gold. He wore the gold one. >;Dv

When they showed Rui's room, June and I UGH-ed at Shun because, I dunno, Shun with brown hair does not appeal to us. In the least. Instead, Row and Hui LOVED HIM. Which was even more betraying and icky. Then, when Domyo-Jun entered June and I squeed and the other two had a totally different reaction.
When they got to the Island, I clutched at June and more or less screamed in her ear "IT'S THE SCENE! THE SCENE! THE BEACH SCENE!" then we both waited in anticipation. The bear part was dumb and very UNBELIEVA-BOH! But, the part where reality kicked in and Domyou actually got a beard from not shaving was good. And when he shaved with a cut credit card was even better! Then, LO AND BEHOLD, the SEXAY that was Jun-tan and his utterly... skinny but Domyou-sexy body. :D Still hot though. And it was what I was waiting for. The parts after when he and Makino made up were cute and funny.

Then came the wedding, where June and I UGH-ed once again at the you may kiss the bride part. Shortly after, One Love started playing, and I pointed and the screen and loudly said "HAH!" before clamping my hands over my mouth to silence myself. The other three laughed and my retardacy. Sang along to the song happily while watching the ending scenes.

The cinema had around 20-30 people. We were in the middle of the last row. Out of all watchers, there were only two lone guys sitting in separate rows away from everyone else.
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