08 June 2010 @ 06:19 pm
I realize that I've been pretty horrible in terms of actually being online to post entries or comments over the last few weeks, and I'm sorry f-list! I've had mid-year exams, and my maternal grandparents have been around, so the family's been together quite a bit, giving me more time to catch up with my mother's side of the family :D

I was thinking of writing a post entirely about the kind of shit I feel like I've been going through for an insane amount of time, and I really really want to talk to someone about it, my rl bff didn't really respond to me with the most encouraging advice or whatever so yeah. If anyone would like to let stuff out themselves or let me let stuff out to you, hello, I am here for you ♥

I see sadness and some other crap you guys are going through (I've been sifting through about 2 weeks of your updates ♥) so, I DON'T WANT TO ADD ON TO THE SADNESS BY DEVOTING ONE BEEEEG POST TO SADNESS AND DRAMA! So instead! YOU GET AN ARASHI PICSPAM! The pictures all of which are from a very very old folder in my external harddisk that I have not touched for more than a year :D

 Warning : Moderately large pictures ahead.


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15 February 2010 @ 02:35 am
Just the kind of friend.

"Hey , Sam! Fellow third place Duet Actor! Happy CNY! It's
just too long to type Chinese New Year so I just wrote CNY
instead of Chinese New Year, which I already wrote twice.
Lol. So, yeah, happy Chinese New Year. Oh, third time  :)"
This was what I woke up to this morning. Just. Wow. Okay. I love this guy. This guy has been one of my ULTIMATE friend for the past FIVE YEARS and idk, ilhsm <3 We've been partners in crime in SO MANY THINGS for SO LONG, I am glad to have you, Yagster/Lady Yaga! m(_ _)m

Meanwhile, I was watching Arashi's Yurase, Ima wo + troublemaker perf on the Music Station 1000 SP and I just want to write a gigantic love post about all my fandoms. Especially about JE. I'd probably just write an amazing amount of CRAP but I want to do this SO BADLY. I need to pour my feelings out in a way that I can sort of (but not really) keep account for about JE, which kinda plays a pretty big part in my daily dose of happy. I'd probably categorize it by group then by member or whatever and continue to add on to it whenever I feel like expressing my extreme love for fandom <3
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